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Under the Shade of the Apple Tree

"Pay attention"

My words may not change anyone, but your experience can. Many of my patients' lives were changed by the insight they gained.

'When they understood their problems were rooted in the conscience of past life experiences, they were empowered by this newfound understanding, which led to changes that traditional therapy might have taken years to achieve or never accomplish.

Life, matter, and conscience are mysteries that we need to accept and learn from. I am convinced death is not the end of conscience and near-death experiences confirm this. think of how many doctors' beliefs were changed by their having near-death experiences.

"During the regression, you will remain in control of your thoughts and images. As the images appear, remember you being open to receiving them and allowing them to happen. Now make yourself comfortable. Put your papers and books aside and begin to breathe deeply.

When you feel ready look up and let your eyes close gently while you continue to breathe slowly and deeply. Let a wave of peacefulness bathe your body as you create your corner of the universe in the middle of the place from which you begin your journey back through time and into your past. You will find yourself gradually returning to the time of your birth and the time before and place beyond".

" You can travel through space and time in any way you feel comfortable.... to a time and place that will gradually become familiar and meaningful to you. time is not experienced by pure consciousness."

"How fast, by what means, and what path you travel is your decision. You can journey back in time, travel back to the source of your bloodstream, float back on a cloud, or drift through the darkness of the birth canal until you come to the place you need to be to relive the experience of your past.

You will experience your life in reverse until you arrive at the meaningful time and place you are intended to reach. Then you will come out of the darkness into the enlightenment, as what is stored in your consciousness now becomes truly conscience and part of your awareness and experience.

Your past life will be your luminary, helping you to understand what you are experiencing and why you are living your present life. You may feel that you are watching a movie about your life that you are playing a major part in. Siegel (2020)

In the book Three Men Six Lives Bernie S. Siegel page 62-63

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