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The Field

Updated: Apr 28

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The Field

Sometimes called the Torah

How did you come to be here, standing in this field, for what purpose, and what design was this correlation made between the place and yourself?

If you were to trade it away to someone who sees value in this spot this place this field, surely you would see something missed, and keep it forever and always explore the potential.

If there had been volcanic causes as to why the land is made up of the pumice eons of time had grind into sands making walking slower.

The winds and waters had erased the pipes where the screaming hot magma had flowered a carbon lump molded and compressed into extreme pressure changing into geometric shapes with color-refracting light you may take another look in the hidden places.

Arriving from where you were and now finding ownership is your story of journey and discovery.

Before a solid place of belonging there comes a time of imagining the field finding out who you have been molded into is investigating thoroughly looking within for answers.

Looking to the setting sun for answers, your eyes see the potential of the call of life.

You come to know the waters have left their mark carried whatsoever flotsam and powerful forces moved mountains, where gold deposited in the bottom of deep holes where waterfalls once graced your field where you feel most at home.

A miner deep seeker, a seeker of gems, a poet observing life writes down for the seeker to find what only he has expressed in poetic ways.

A fountain while hidden is a giver of life once uncovered and brought to light.

She envisions a field and buys it. He has worked the land for generations with little complaint.

Together they walk among the memories.

Mirroring that which above we return not to the field to lie to purify what we have consumed in ere.

We walk where the immortals, in the way of cleaving to everything of nothing in our view unseen yet present, in purified light.

Returned to a previous state with accomplishments of seeking and finding a path in the field.

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