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Law of Return

The current and future redemption depends upon or understanding repentance for the Christian and on the level of Messiah ben Joseph.

What do I mean when I say repentance and levels? 1. When “we come to ourselves” we. return to our original state, we start at a point of zero.

We find ourselves outside of the normal way of the God-Man relationship, and we return to the first-born relationship.

“The wayward son to firstborn status” “lost sheep to back in the fold” This zero status then depends on our will. How much do we want to return? Our desire relates to how far we go on the same journey.

For those who are Jewish the journey is shorter, A return to keeping the festivals, learning observing Shabbos, doing mitzvahs, and learning Torah the Written and Oral.

 According to the desire to return to the closest place of God’s Will, they can attain where it depends on them. Some are a citizen others much more such as Rabbi, teachers, and Tzadik.

Now let’s go to the ones who lost it all, the general audience, and the renewed covenant.

 The return to God depends upon will and desire. The same applies, however, there are two levels of return the lower and higher.

Those who accept God, God accepts them.

 They are completely satisfied with the status quo with no dissatisfaction whatsoever. Who know and understand God, and God Accepts them and loves them in return measure for measure even going as far as to love them when they had not yet returned to Him, loving them enough to give them a false Messiah, a Jewish man to worship.

Then some are dissatisfied with the status quo and whose will and desire are strong enough to question the church splits, the chaos, and inconsistencies of passages in God's account that when investigated result in one or two ways either a return to the original blueprint of creation the Torah that is found to be harmony and wisdom, finding enough of this self-examination and questioning to find a higher return or misinterpreting and creating a similar a bit different path according to the understanding they have.

This is the reason there are so many ways men say my way is right because to them it is.

The reason I feel that each of us needs to examine what stage and find out what our journey so far has been, there is God and God is One and His ways are not our ways, however, His Love is greater than our division.

Kol ha tor relates the hidden explanation to the return we are engaged in. the redemption from exile where the redemption of the body comes first. The body's redemption is followed by the Soul’s, which is like the flame of a candle, the flicker of a flame reaching higher and returning to the body.

The Two messiahs are another way to explain where our history is at and the future where our purpose is aligned from close to far away, and far away to close just like Judah and Joseph where brothers come together in recognition and acceptance.

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