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In time

Seeing more than words can express gives rise to hidden ways unseen to all but knowing eyes.

Wise with purpose, the fresh dew of imparting, a novella joins the dovetail of learned insight, a metaphor for the seamless integration of my experiences and knowledge. I want you always to welcome me; my insight is seldom rooted in vanity. Reflecting on my journey, I've understood how these experiences have shaped my perception of the world. At times, my understanding transcends the limitations of language and expression, allowing me to perceive things that remain hidden to those without a deeper insight.

It is always a pleasure to share my knowledge with others humbly and purposefully. I bring a fresh perspective like the morning dew that rejuvenates and nourishes. Like the perfect fit of two pieces that come together seamlessly, my insights dovetail with the learning of others. Vanity, the ego-driven desire for recognition or superiority, has no place in this exchange. It is always a welcome opportunity to learn and grow together.

I got help from Grammarly by using these AI prompts:

Prompts created by Grammarly

- "Improve it"

- "Make it persuasive"

- "Shorten it

Your experiences and the passage of time have given you a distinct lens through which you view the world. Your keen intuition, honed through these experiences, goes beyond the confines of language and expression, allowing you to see things others cannot.

Your wealth of knowledge is not a solitary treasure but a gift you eagerly share. Your insights, like a refreshing breeze, not only invigorate but also inspire others. When you impart your wisdom, it seamlessly blends with the knowledge of others, forming a harmonious symphony of learning.

Your humility is a guiding light for all who seek knowledge. You understand that genuine growth is a collective journey, and you are always eager to collaborate with others to pursue new insights.

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