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Greetings, I’m Ayla, a woman who brings her light to the Earth. I came to this Earth plane choosing hard lessons to help raise the vibration  As a child being raised in the Episcopal church I wondered, is the power of the Living Christ real? What is love? Does love hurt? Can the body heal itself? What is pain? What is evil?

When I turned thirty-three I suffered from a strange and unidentified illness, whose identification came through a dream. The illness ended creating a near-death experience from dehydration and ultimately my body had become sepsis. 

Dark and bizarre memories began surfacing in my mind’s eye and terror took over my perspective. Praying to God I asked to be shown my truth, desperately seeking respite from my suffering. I had two small children at the time and became incapable of caring for them. I took to my bed making sure my children were safe and lovingly cared for by a neighbor. 

During this time I was guided by God/Source to leave the church of my birth in which I had played an active role. Upon my exit I gave in to my inner voice which was guiding me into exploring indigenous roots, to test some of my beliefs. 

After experiencing some sacred ceremonies my heart opened to deeper, subtle unseen energies. This newfound deepening triggered a Kundalini experience further tearing my entrenched beliefs, free. My inner newfound voice guided me to begin painting. I had never painted in my life and avoided all art in high school! 

The floodgate opened and out poured colorful and amazing images. After each image, from deep within, memories began surfacing—bizarre and painful memories of the years we spent living in the South Bronx during the 1960’s. 

Asking for my truth to be shown to me, I had been cracked open as I journeyed into the Dark Night of (my) Soul to understand love, the power of the Living Christ, and to understand radical forgiveness, and the body’s power to heal itself. I asked to be shown the patterns that track through our DNA and family lineage. Having heard stories of ‘a mad woman’ on my matrilineal side, I wondered about her and who she was. I was curious because I felt myself to be the mad woman, in my generation, following in my mother’s footsteps. 

From there I continued my search for connections to my ancestors. I met my 5th generation great grandmother, Christina, who visited me one early morning when the sun was rising and the morning mist was heavy, to affirm my memory! 

Painting became the voice through which I experienced my truth rising from the depths of my unconscious self. Colors splashed across the paper releasing long-held, hideous, and hidden memories with compassion, curiosity, and awe! The release caused cells in my body to empty themselves through purging. 

Until I mastered my own energy I realized I was like a magnet, attracting negativity and needed to understand to stop this. I began studying the Martial Arts; Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and QiGong, which opened me to another world of possibilities and other aspects of myself I was delighted and frightened to meet! 

My search continued for ways to trigger ‘terror’ which held its’ grip firmly within my mind, I was guided to offer my story to the public. And that my friends, is how I was invited to offer this transformational work to others, becoming a Reiki Master and Transformational Facilitation Artist! 

I invite you to join me on your journey of unfolding and allow me to become your trusted guide! 

Email me at, I look forward to serving your highest good!!!

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