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Hippocratic Oath

The Hippocratic Oath, a sacred promise between the healer and the patient, remains a cornerstone of medical ethics, whether one is trained in modern medicine or not. Its primary goal, to do no harm and provide vital health, is achieved by identifying and determining treatment procedures and drugs. However, the original intention of this Oath has faded over time, losing its profound meaning due to the influence of scientific discoveries, political climate, or current questions about what is best for the patient. This existential crisis has led to a quiet revolution between those who uphold the original covenant and those who take the modern-day Oath.

Despite the fallibility of modern medicine, which has been proven wrong numerous times, administrators, doctors, lawyers, and governments continue to apply their reasoning to harmful practices. However, there is a glimmer of hope. Ordinary individuals, recognizing the need for a deeper understanding of God, healing, and ways to fulfill the Hippocratic Oath and the covenant it represents, are now setting intentions to make a difference.

The path to ensuring that physicians uphold the principles of the Hippocratic Oath lies in identifying those who have taken it and are committed to the intersection of humanity and divinity. By prioritizing their fear of God over the fear of man, we can reestablish the covenant between man and God and weed out the harmful influences of modern oath-takers. The act of retaking the Oath and effecting positive change in the world remains within our grasp. By Sir Ron

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