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Gila's Vocation

The people in Washington DC had changed, reflecting on the differences, she smiled, a new era had unfolded in the first 100 days of his presidency. The doorway to the office near her home was perfect for her unofficial headquarters for the times when she wasn't needed in the nation's capitol for meetings or official ceremony,s. The Cabinet appointment was a relaxed affair with the Housing and Urban Development, carrying on the work from home for those with families and in her case the organization she hastily put together focused not so much on a rubber stamp on policies and a don't rock the boat and a money tree, to a genuine modern look at the urban blight and mismanagement of resources.

Every team Gila put into the field had the authority to size up assets and come up with solutions for sustainability with audits for the betterment of the large metropolitan cities largely mismanaged by corrupt leaders in some cases grandfathered in for decades. Forensic audits uncovered a fortune earmarked in unsuccessful and wasteful projects.

The simple guide for the teams was to clean and in some cases shut inner city areas where alternative teams were selecting sites in the state for development in the areas and building rural sites for modest homes with training job placement and careers launched with agreements to remain and give back to those communities.

Messiah ben Joseph team leaders have had successes seemingly a fulfillment of one chase and a thousand flee.

The first major thrust will be the “REMOVAL” phase.

Thousands of government employees will be fired from top jobs. These are Biden’s political friends and fellow travelers.

Trump’s team is already going through rosters . . . and taking names.

The second thrust will be the “PERSONNEL” phase.

Already Trump’s team has identified tens of thousands of loyal Americans who are extremely well qualified, willing to leave their private jobs, and who are hungry to clean up Washington.

And then there is the third and most crucial “WAR” phase.

And this will be an all-out war.

President Trump will seek to eradicate Biden’s woke policies through executive orders, legal initiatives, and more.

Here are his major agenda items:

  • America-first economy — Back on track with business incentives that drive change.

  • The budget deficit — Trump knows Biden created a massive deficit nearing $2 trillion annually. He has plans for massive cuts to Biden’s boondoggles.

  • Secure the southern border — Shutter the gates that terrorists want to exploit. But there’s more. Millions of illegals must be deported. Trump has a plan.

  • Energy independence — Tap America’s oil and natural gas reserves. Trump knows this is key to economic freedom and prosperity. He already has an energy czar ready to go.

The initial work planned by teams of data gathers and turned over to subcommittees generated plans for new towns sometimes within cities or built straight up with a city of shops and service concerns all geared toward One City - One Place.

Fresh Start initiatives for the homeless and social engineering on a grand scale.

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