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Emissary between cultures and groups has always helped to bridge the gap in understanding what’s common about us. These common values relay a sense even intangible in what we all share.

To pick out men among you of good report, men of means able to represent a community well.

Send them to nations cultures and tribes with the (kavanah) intention to be the voice of the community having all the resources both physically and emotionally with wisdom requiring us to suspend our perceived division and enable the stated goal of reconciliation healing divisions with the hand of friendship for the greater good.

Do not think you would be the first to visit a host family or reluctantly be placed in front of a world leader great and small.

Mission statement adopted by religious leaders set in motion by review of the princes among the people.

Choosing the right person preferably a with a servant’s heart resourceful, creative, and well-liked. Able to articulate the problem and the cure equally qualified from either side to be that Emissary.

The Host should also be of the same temperament, opening the home of the host to meals, drinks, and hopefully long conversations about how to proceed to bring awareness to the community of the host.

Examples of the Emissary and Host are Abraham’s servant Eliezer and Abraham’s brother Nachor.

Genesis 24; 12 He: said ”O God, God of my master Abraham, arrange events for me this day such that you grant a favor to my master Abraham”.

Objective; wife for Isaac.

Joseph the prisoner summoned by Pharaoh, objective, dream interpretation.

Jacob’s sons were sent to the Viceroy of Egypt with, the objective, of buying grain.

Judah of his own accord placed himself as a substitute for the release of Benjamin, faithful in his mission and willing to sacrifice all for Jacobs's wellbeing.

Exile was caused by dreams because exile itself is like a dream.

Dreams consist of incoherent illusions where conflicting and contradictory elements can co-exist. Mikeitz Genesis 41: 1 – 44: 17

This ability to achieve great heights in the face of exile, as exemplified by Joseph, is alluded to in the name of this parashah, Mikeitz, which means at the end.

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