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Contemplations... the wise words Of Rabbi Ariel bar Tzadok


Seeing is believing.

Is this not true?

But what if you see something

that others do not see?

What happens when

others see something

different from what you see.

Who is to be believed?

Who is it that sees

what is actual, and real?


Opinions and ideas

reside in the dimension of mind.

Opinions and ideas

are like spirits,

they are without final form.

This is why opinions and ideas

are like ghosts.


By themselves opinions and ideas

have no physical substance,

and no final form.

Like ghosts,

opinions and ideas need a body,

a voice through which to manifest.

Like spirits,

opinions and ideas never die.

Like ghosts,

opinions and ideas

always come back to haunt us.


Opinions and ideas

reside in

the realm of the potential,

not in the realm of the actual.


What happens when opinion

and perception blur?

What happens when

“I see it”

as opposed to “I believe it.”

What happens when

what is real

is only real

in the eye of the beholder?


One can entertain

almost any idea.

Ideas are potentials,

and potentials are infinite.

But is it possible

for actual reality

to be as subjective,

and as relative

as ideas and opinions.

Is not reality finite and fixed?

Is it really?


“What you see

is what you get,”

may be true.

But what happens

when what I see

is not what you get?

I get what I see,

but you get what you see,

not what I see.

Therefore, the life of one

makes no sense to another.


We are regularly haunted

by ghosts and spirits

that reside in the realm of the mind.

The ideas, beliefs and opinions

of others,

rejected as they may be,

never really go away.

They always come back some other day.


When we allow ghosts of the mind

to haunt us,

they can in turn possess us,

and instill within our unconscious minds

fears and apprehensions

that we do not understand.

This is where nightmares come from.


When light shines into darkness

shadows are dispelled,

and what was once in the dark

can now be seen clearly in the light.


As it is with physical darkness,

so too is it with the darkness of the mind.

Shining light into the mental realms of

opinions and ideas

enables one to see them

for what they truly are,

and no longer be haunted

by the ghosts of the unconscious. 




Learn now a wise lesson:

Never block a punch with your chin.


Learn now another wise lesson:

Use a hammer to break a wall, not your head.


Learn yet a third wise lesson:

As mighty as you may be,

whatever your skills, and strengths,

there will always be that

which is mightier than you.

There will always be that

with more skill, and more strength.


Tit for tat

is not a wise game to play.

In the end,

there is no winner.

Why play a game

unless it is to win?

Why waste time

playing game

that you know from the beginning

can only end in a stalemate?

Where is the wisdom in this?


When life hits you in the head

like a blow with a hammer,

what can you do?

You must address the wound!


Yes, work must go on,

but when wounded,

you must draw back

and take care of business.

This too is part of life.

To avoid this contributes to death.


There are times to stand tall,

then there are times

to bend like a reed in the wind.

There is a time to strike,

and then there is a time

to avoid being struck.

The wise know the different times,

and move through life accordingly.


Do you know what time it is?

Nature's time

cannot be read on the face of a clock.

The times, they are a'changin...

but then again, the times

are always changing.

There is nothing new in this!


The wise look to life,

look to nature,

and read the time, and the season.

The wise read the times constantly,

for the times, they are always a'changin...


Know the time,

and you will know

the right right move.

in the right way.

for the right time,

and in the right amount.

This is called the dance of life.


Dancing this dance

is beautiful.

It is the secret of the ancients.


Dance in the dark,

get used to it.

When you know how

to dance in the dark,

dancing in the moon-light

will never be problem.


Let the one with wisdom

sees within my words,

the true time of “today.”



One can run very fast,

and still not get anywhere.

One can try very hard,

and still not accomplish anything.

Can it possibly be

that effort does not

lead to accomplishment?

If this is true,

then why make effort

in the first place?


Futility and frustration

are powerful enemies

that keep one down,

and away from accomplishment.

One can never really measure exactly

how much effort is needed

to accomplish a specific task.


Life dictates

that one can perform a task

with little effort,

whereas for another

far more effort must be exerted.

Yet, for a third,

no amount of effort

will bring about the desired goal.

And yet, for a fourth,

no effort at all need be exerted,

and yet, abundant accomplishment

is received.

Where's the fairness in this?


You seek fairness?

Then know this!

Our world is not built

upon the concepts of human fairness.

What we believe to be right and wrong

may be good for us,

but the universe thinks differently.

Like it or not,

we live in a universe

with a mind of its own.

And the universe

does not think in the same way,

as do we.


By human standards

our world is very unfair.

Good and bad,

right and wrong,

are human standards

that we devise

to regulate our relationships

with one another.


But our relationship with the universe

is not like our relationships

with fellow human beings.

The universe can dictate to us

realities which are beyond our control.

We cannot always control

what the universe places before us.


What we can do, however,

is recognize that indeed we are

part of this universe,

and our God-given intelligence

was given to us

specifically so that we can use it

to figure out this universe,

and learn to speak its language,

and learn to hear its melodious song.


The universe does not speak our language

but we can learn to speaks its language.

When we learn the way of the world around us,

we move to and fro in accordance to its rhythms.

When we move along with the universe,

we discover ourselves following nature's course.

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