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Avraham Feld

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About Avraham Feld – the Author Avraham Feld was born on February 14, 1954, in Manhattan, USA. He graduated from Yeshiva University with studies in Jewish philosophy and psychology, earning his Rabbinic degree in 1983.

Avraham Feld is currently based in Jerusalem. He is involved in educational outreach to the Jewish community. Outreach efforts include finding jobs for young people, directing individuals to various rehab options, supporting unwed mothers in their decision to give birth rather than abort, and programs to assist and visit the elderly and physically challenged. Other activities include researching politicians and commentators on multiple topics. He is the co-author of several research publications on Biblical and political topics.

Blessed by the RebbeSince the young age of 11, Feld has had a consuming passion for the Bible and the Biblical prophetical promise of the Restoration of the House of Israel. He defended the Scriptures in his public school classes against the teachers who were attacking these Writings and their prophetic promises regarding the House of Israel. Feld performed extensive work for physically and mentally challenged young people and adults. He assisted coaching

Since arriving in Israel in ‘81, Avraham Feld has been the Field Director of a Public Charity; Maccabee Institute for Family and Social Aid. Years later, Avraham found the outlet for his vision and the expression of his passion for the Biblically declared return of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. He became involved with BRIT AM, which is a research, and reached out to Ten Israel in the West. Brit-Am also publishes groundbreaking books and materials. All of Brit Am’s activities are under Yair Davidiy, a Torah Orthodox Jewish researcher who is unquestionably one of the giants in this field today. Much of our inspiration flows from Yair Davidiy’s definitive and ground-breaking work.

Towards the end of 2005 (the beginning of the Jewish year 5766), he became the founder of Kol HaTor Vision. With the amazing phenomenon of the awakening of the Hebraic Restoration movement amongst Christian Zionists across the world, the Kol HaTor Vision would now more directly publish and promote its vision on a Rabbinic level, as well as from the Hebraic wheelchair basketball team and was involved in sports, all the while continuing to advance in Biblical polemics.

While studying at Yeshiva University, he acquired a reputation for being able to get youth out of deep trouble, especially in cases where others failed to do so. While a student in a Rabbinical program, he was approached by a leading figure in the Chabad movement who engaged him to handle an especially difficult and dangerous case. Feld agreed and succeeded – and this led to his meeting with the Lubavitch Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson, world leader of the Chassidic movement. He was favored with a blessing from the Rebbe.

From his anti-cult and reach-out work as well as from his studies of Torah, Tanach, and the Sages, Feld gained the understand￾ing that many Gentiles were of Israelite descent and therefore part of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. His experience and studies brought him to the recognition that these “Lost Tribes” would one day be returned to the Land of Israel in fulfillment of the prophecies and the sages’ interpretation. His fieldwork revealed the real-life people of Israel in their odyssey of Return.

He therefore requested a second blessing from the Lubavitch

Rebbe to enable him to be of assistance in furthering the Divine cause of the ingathering of the Lost Ten Tribes from amongst the nations, if the Rebbe agreed that indeed they were to be part of such prophetic promises. “Avada Gevist, of course, they are,” was the Rebbe’s reply, upon which he blessed Avraham that he should merit to have a good influence on estranged Jews.

In addition, he should have success with Gentiles of Israelite descent. All of this is part of the prophetic process of Geulah (the Restoration and Redemption of Israel).

Jewish seCReTs HIDDen In THe new TesTaMenT aboUT aVRaHaM felD – THe aUTHoR

Restoration platform amongst Christian Zionists. Basing its

vision on Chazal Ezekiel 37:15-28 regarding the restoration

of the two houses, Judah (the Jews) and 10-Israel (the House

of Yosef and Ephraim or “The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel”), the

Kol HaTor Vision would spread knowledge from the writings

of the Biblical prophets and the great sages of Judaism about

the imminent fulfillment of the prophetic vision of the restoration of all Israel. It would also strive to lay the foundations for achieving peaceful Reconciliation between the greatly

estranged Houses of Judah and 10-Israel, exiled amongst the

nations. The Kol HaTor Vision strives to bring awareness on

either side of the nearly 2800-year-long great rift in the House of

G-d regarding each side’s responsibilities to achieve peace and


The Kol HaTor Vision derived its name from the vision,

inspiration and the writings of the greatest Jewish authority

on the subject of the Redemption of the entire House of Israel,

the Gaon of Vilna (Rabbi Eliyahu ben Shlomo Zalman – the

Genius of Vilna, Lithuania, 1720-1797).

See Kol HaTor Web Site at htt p://

Most of the Articles on


authored by Rabbi Feld

•              “Mohammed Wept” – the Hebrew Roots of Islam & our

present-day geo-political situation

•              “Little Sister” – a comprehensive study of the dynamics and

interplay of the Oral & Written Torah

•              Numerous Research papers on various topics

Awaiting sponsorship for publication

About OvadYah Avrahami –


OvadYah Avrahami is an independent Bible researcher.

He works tirelessly as an activist promoting Israel and settlement of the Land of Israel and as Webmaster and co-ordinator

of Kol Ha Tor. His publications have been circulated internationally since the early sixties and have affected the thinking and Scriptural interpretation of non-Jewish Bible scholars on

all levels - from novice right through to academically qualified

teachers worldwide.

OvadYah has been a pioneer since the 60s in enlightening the Bible

students about the Hebrew Roots of Christianity, long before

it became the popular movement that it is today.

The Hebraic Roots Restoration Movement is a non-organiza￾tional and highly individualized Movement amongst serious and sincere Bible students of all religious denominations right

across the globe. This awakening is also noticeable in the world’s largest Christian denominations, where there is growing reference to the ‘discovering of the Jewish Roots of Christianity’.

When Rabbi Feld and OvadYah met in Israel in 2005, it did

not take them long to discover that they were sharing the

the same passion and unquenchable zeal for the Reconciliation

of the 12-Tribed Kingdom of the G-d of Israel. Shortly after,

JeWIsH seCReTs HIDDen In THe neW TesTaMenT a b o U T o V a D Y a H a V R a H a M I – C o - a U T H o R

xxxviii xxxix

they founded the Kol HaTor Vision as a publications medium

to promote knowledge of this anciently proclaimed prophetically

The vision which forms the main theme of the Bible:

viz. The Restoration of the 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel, i.e.:

•              the Redemption or Geulah, in Judaism, and

•              the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ in Christianity.

It has since transpired that Avraham Feld’s knowledge and contact fields in Judaism complement OvadYah’s wide experience and exposure to the Hebraic Restoration awakening across the world. Together they form a powerful representation of both

the House of Judah and the re-awakening House of 10-Israel.

The Message of this book emerges from the Heart Land of

Israel and the City of Jerusalem.

Articles authored by OvadYah


•              Demographic Solution for Israel.

•              Outline for successful Reconciliation.

•              Why Jews should NOT be proselytized.

•              Historic Evolution of the Redemption of Israel - a Power

Point graphic presentation (used in chapter 19).

•               Editor of many of the guideline articles on the Kol HaTor

Web Site (under the supervision of Rabbi Feld).

•              Judah – the Lawgiver (Mechoqeck) of G-d – a revelation￾is exposed in Genesis 49:10.

•              Jerusalem – Final Countdown to Armageddon – 160 pg.


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