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A Healing Journey

When I first noticed a movement in my right hand, I was also experiencing numb feet, just the bottoms of my feet. Soon afterward I noticed my posture was naturally or I should say unnaturally leaning forward and resistant to being corrected

I thought because I was on call and had little time to work in the yard take a walk or even take a meaningful break. The person I loved knew she needed care and assistance and no one else would do.

When I did go to the doctor at Northern California Indian Valley Health I was told there was very little I could do and without further testing from a neurologist I would go for the next 8 months without a certain diagnosis but a probable one of Parkinson's.

The passing of time brought many changes and locations.

I had to push myself to get dressed and go to work. drive a car, cook, and manage my home. I was forgiving of the obligations I had and extracted myself when I felt the resistance was overwhelming I bailed out into a new unknown.

I taking stock and listening to my inner drive moved to the upper Midwest and got my appointment with a neurologist. My symptoms were loss of automatic muscle control. I now had to focus on my feet, legs, and hands to get anything done. My mouth had saliva at night. Dreams became real and scary, I fought back only to find I was dreaming. I had out-of-the-blue violent muscle movements in a quick explosive way. The reaction was over and never the same.

My speech and my emotions were hypersensitized and slurred causing misunderstandings.

Managing money became a shore. I was not good at and lost my car for lack of payment, a speeding ticket and my inability to pass a driver's exam were a relief, however, I had someone else to care for and barely could care for myself,

The saying when in war the law is silent.

Taking and putting all my effort into a business startup was my plan to keep busy and make an income. Finding cooperation with another like-minded worker was not taking place and I did not know how to lead people.

I did the impossible and joined a leadership training school for a year. My instructor in Energy healing told me being healed or in remission is a crap shoot, meaning the results are not predictable.

The advice Hanna Hendrie gave me was to sign up with past lives for several sessions to begin to uncover my causes and a little at a time heal the root causes of my chronic illness.

Leaving school with talent in writing spiritual understanding of a teacher and insight into new ideas about the Torah.

I set out to work with my disability and make the best of it.

I was fortunate to join a community in another leadership training school.

The healing sessions with my instructor Jody began to make progress with having good days and some improvement in Reiki and Energy codes resistance nullification to better health.

Unfortunately, my inner self the conscience of my higher truth gives me a hard no to any more deep healings. The trauma or the experience that I would have to face would be damaging to me.

As you can imagine an abrupt cancelation of healing secession caused misunderstanding. I look at it differently and I am advocating for patients rights to find the treatment best for them.

The problems associated involve planning and organizations working together to build a base of data on holistic healers so a person like myself can search and investigate to find the 3 p's Price, Professionalism, and Proficiency.

One reply I received gives me hope.

From Cynthia Cavit I wrote; that I quit my last breath coach to keep trying to find remission for Parkinson's and in a way, it is better. the matrix healing modality I am familiar with Reiki helped some and the 7 generations of past lives may be responsible for and then treated but no one ever addressed the cause that I believe damaged me. Paraquat weed killer causes Parkinson; 's As a healer how would you address this? I have been around the laying on of hands in a religious setting and feel comfortable with that and I have seen some results. However, my mind is open to holistic medicine too.

April 23 at 8:42 AM

Apr 23, 2024, 8:42 AM


When I check with my guidance, I am not allowed to help you because it is part of your present life's purpose. They tell me I would be ineffectual. But I get that you may help yourself. You have contracts currently to have this disease. It is to help you learn. Even if something has been caused by something physical, 98% of the time originated with thoughts, ideas, emotions, or something spiritual before you attracted it to your body. I got that only 30% of this is physical, 100% is spiritual(contracts), and 399% is mental. If I were you I would start with the affirmations in Louise Hay's book "Heal Your Body." As you would use the affirmations several times a day your contracts would begin to fade and disappear and the mental body would change. To address the physical I would learn to muscle test yourself(this way you are taking the herbs that would help you personally and not waste money) and do herbs for clean up of nerve damage. There are herbs and essential oils that can repair nerve damage. Belief is the largest part of any type of healing. Change your thoughts and you can change your life. Most miraculous healings started with an intervention of some type of whispering in someone's ear that they could get better (which is a change in their thought process). I am also getting that some herbs for cleaning up dirty blood could help. EFT(tapping) could also address the nerve damage. I have used it before to help with physical, mental, and emotional issues despite its name saying it is for emotions. I have had success in the other realms with it.

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