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A Chance

Each day is a chance. Each day we wake up, we have another chance.

we could just keep moving, or we could dance.

Dance as if you are alone and no one is watching you, no one sees, or will ever see. This is your chance to see what you could be.

Remind yourself you are grand, believe you can do anything. Get up take a stand.

always look forward. Looking back is never good. You want to look to the future. That is something you should do.

Better days are coming. Fear, losing somebody you love or rejection is no surprise.

You know the look in their eyes, accept anxiety by actions we take. Life be lying, denying we cause misery too.

A voice in our head telling us a false future. Deja vue is upside down. A twosome, prevetable foresight.

Lemings, feelings, strong whispers, even shouts, no doubt. Your fortunes due.

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