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About Ron Nobleman

Sir Ron Nobleman of the Cosmic Field Schooled in chassidic thought, a chidush at the Gate of Unity based in Tzfat Israel. Currently enrolled in Chance for Change Institute, both leadership training schools. My writing  reflects no past but an invitation to visit a mystical place where the field was first visited and lost by Cain and his brother Abel. Later on the field is part of Isaac's life visited daily Esau his son was called "A man of the field" but his words were game in his mouth while his brother Jacob had the scent from the Garden of Eden and received the Blessing of Firstborn. Nebucanezzer ran wild in the field taking on the appearance of a beast like men do until they find God.

As your guide of noble plans I will lead you to pleasant places through poetry, chapters of ideas which stand alone. Introduction to amazing soul clusters and new awareness of what the silent and invisible God is doing through returning mankind...

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